We Bard hard!

Dates: October 3-5 

Fee: $225

Location: Cedar City, UT. 

Competitions: Scenes, Monologues, Ensemble, Dance, and Madrigals.

Thank you for auditioning! We appreciate the work you invested in your monologues, and were impressed by both HS team veterans and new people. 

All the people below are ON THE TEAM :)


Leads: Kristian Keller, Emma Hailstone, Tori Nielsen. Emma Hilmo. Miles Johnson

Puppeteers & Other Characters TBA: Ben  Gubler, Alex Kreiner, Scott Gottfredson, Elizabeth Cole, Alexia Muhlestein, Alyssa Lowry, Katelyn Snyder, Viola Day, Konnor Nagata, Leo Sanjinez, Gavin Sherwood, David Stone.

SCENES: Jarett Wood, Maddy Fairbanks, Logan Dunyon, Josh Beckham, Brandon Lee, Tate Cotton.

MONOLOGUES: Suzie Lane, Ciara Johnson, Thomas Webb.

DANCE: Katelyn Lawson, Adam Cottle.